Friggin' Danzig

Danzig is Just Cleaning Up His Motherf*cking Bricks, Bitch


Okay, so first of all, GOD BLESS METAL INJECTION for finding this amazing IM conversation between some dude and some other dude who is allegedly Danzig’s neighbor. Obviously it could be total bullshit, BUT OMG IT HAS TO BE TRUE RIGHT?!?!

Second of all, what the fuck has happened to Glenn Danzig? Was he always a total nutjob, or has this just happened in the past ten years? Between the North Side Kings thing and the doctor thing and the conspiracy theory thing and the cat food thing, I just don’t know how to take him seriously anymore; he’s like the really hostile senile dude at the old folks’ home who keeps yelling at all the nurses for no apparent reason. I’m about ready to add him to this ever-growing list.


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