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Quit Your Band And Get A Job Tour

I couldn’t give any less fucks about A Plea For Purging or As Hell Retreats — A Plea For Purging made a really funny video one time, so there’s that — but I have just gained a whole lot of respect for both because they clearly have a grip on reality. Taking a cue from Sergeant D’s infamous study which scientifically proved that being in a band past the age of 24 is for losers, both bands have decided to hang up their cleats. But not before heading out on one last farewell tour together: the Quit Your Band And Get A Job Tour.

Both bands are from Tennessee so the 14-date tour is centered around the southern Midwest and South. If you’re a fan of either of these bands this is your last chance to dance before they fade into the sunset of pizza delivery, bartending and (if they’re lucky) real estate brokerage forever.

That funny video, by the way:


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