Rampant Rumors



So hey remember last week when word got out that Anthrax were gonna release a covers EP in September? Well, apparently it was just wishful thinking on the part of that one dude who really DID love the band’s take on Refused’s “New Noise.” Scott Ian tells Viacom Old Folks Radio:

“We’re not working on a covers album. It’s not at all what we’re doing. We just always record cover songs. They just happen when we’re in the studio or when we’re touring, we get bored of jamming on our own songs at sound check so you end up jamming on cover songs and eventually we’ll end up recording them and eventually, somehow, they end up getting released in some way, shape or form as B-sides, but we’re definitely not working on a covers album.”

It’s possible Ian is bullshitting and trying to get the proverbial cat back into the bag, although at this point I don’t really know why he’d do that. So, assuming he’s being truthful, I’m full-on relieved. Like I said when we first reported this story, Anthrax’s track record with covers is not-terrific. I’d rather see them doing things like touring with Testament and Death Angel for the eighth time in a year or helping Joey Belladonna make sure his spray tan is even.


[via Noisecreep]

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