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Two Eleven-Year-Olds from Brooklyn Start a Metal Band, Awesomeness Ensues


Unlocking the Truth are a two-person metal band from Brooklyn. And while two-person metal bands from Brooklyn are about as rare as ATMs, this one has a unique gimmick: its members are each eleven years old!

Yes, both guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins are in the sixth grade. They write their own music (they have at least sixty minutes of material lately, and play sets as long as forty minutes) and, according to a press bio, “they’re pretty good students too.” They’ve already been written up in The Village Voice (And talked smack on Slash! These tykes aren’t afraid to burn bridges.) and made their live debut at Manhattan’s famous rock and blues club, The Bitter End… and they’re pretty good, especially when you consider that they were sperm when Remission, Alive or Just Breathing, and As the Palaces Burn were being recorded.

Alright, I think there are now enough of these Moppet Metal outfits to get a package tour going, or, at least, devote a small stage at Mayhem Fest to kiddie bands.  THE TOYS”R”US STAGE, FEATURING SOCKWEB, UNLOCKING THE TRUTH, JULIET, and THE GAUCHOS. We’d all go to that show, wouldn’t we???

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