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Randy BlythePhoto: Matthias ‘mattness’ Bauer

EIGHTH UPDATE, 7/2/12, 10 am: Click here to see video of Blythe’s alleged crime.

SEVENTH UPDATE, 6/30/12, 5 pm: Blythe in court, released on bail, in Prague until Monday (here)

SIXTH UPDATE, 6/29/12, 4:18 pm: Click here to read an update from a spokesperson for the Czech police.

FIFTH UPDATE, 6/29/12, 1:55 pm: Click here to read a statement from Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler regarding Blythe’s arrest.

FOURTH UPDATE, 6/29/12, 11:am: Blythe faces 5-10 years in prison. Click here for an official statement from Lamb of God’s publicist.

THIRD UPDATE, 6/29/12, 10:00 am: Click here for more updates, including a video news report and a quote from Randy’s brother.

SECOND UPDATE, 9:45 pm: At 9:09 pm, official Lamb Of God tweeted the following: “#FreeRandyBlythe” 

UPDATE, 6:52 pm: A spokesperson for Lamb Of God says that Blythe is “wrongly accused,” that the band’s “lawyers are dealing with it,” and that “we expect him to be fully exonerated.”

Original story after the jump.

According to Czech news site, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe has been arrested in Prague on charges of manslaughter.

While I’ve only been able to scrounge up a rough translation of the report, Blythe’s arrest apparently stems from a concert that took place on May 24, 2010. Allegedly, a fan lept on stage during the show, resulting in a physical altercation with the frontman. The fan eventually succumbed to his injuries and died, leading to the charges Blythe now faces.

Fan-filmed videos of the concert in question are readily available on YouTube, although I have not been able to find footage of this specific incident as of yet.

The band was scheduled to perform at the Rock Café in Prague tonight along with All Shall Perish and Skeletonwitch; the venue’s official website confirms that Lamb of God have cancelled this evening’s performance, but does not specify the cause of the cancellation.

We’ll update this story as more news becomes available.


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