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Someone Made a Lemmy Doll from a Mr. Potatohead


Jason D. Johnson‘s forté, it seems, is taking Mr. Potatohead dolls and turning them into, uh, like, other kinds of Mr. Potatohead dolls that they don’t really manufacture, like Yoda and zombies and shit like that. But his latest project is surely the most important one you will ever look at for the next ten to fifteen seconds: Motörhead’s own Lemmy Kilmister. Photos are below, courtesy of Dangerous Minds… gotta give this dude credit for getting the tats right and everything!

Hopefully Johnson will start selling these at some point, complete with the interchangeable features of a regular Mr. Potatohead. Like, maybe you could move the moles around or replace them with something else…? I dunno, just spitballing here.

[via Metal Injection]

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