Slash, former sex addicted, substance abusing personification of rebellion, recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And I guess they wanted an Guns N’ Roses expert to induct him (Does one get “inducted” onto the Walk of Fame? Probably not. So whatever the fuck you call it.), so they got Charlie Sheen — who you may recall gave this scholarly dissertation on the current state of GN’R back in March — to show up and do his best impersonation of a Jewish comedian performing in the Catskills in the 60s. Needless to say, he had nothing but nice things to say about Axl Rose. Watch:

Just to be clear, I’m not offended that Charlie Sheen insulted Axl Rose — I’m offended that he couldn’t come up with a funnier joke. Maybe next time he should have someone write his gags for him? What about the guy who wrote that movie he was in, Platoon? That flick was hilarious!


[via TMZ]


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