...And F*ck You Too



Sully Erna is a homophobe who once bought his way out of having been responsible for a car accident that led to a severe traumatic brain injury for a 27 year-old woman. So I probably shouldn’t be surprised that the guy’s views on parenting are, at best, completely misguided.

In a recent interview with the terrifically named Weed Street Journal, Erna was asked a question regarding how protective he feels of his kids. His response?

“Well, of course you want to be. But I think kids are too protected now a days. Parents don’t let their children experience enough. I was raised in a tough neighborhood, where there was a lot of drugs, gangs and crime.  It made me who I am today.”

Seriously, dude? UGH. If you’re gonna sound like a cranky old man who just wants everyone to know that in your day you only paid a nickel for the picture show and they even showed a cartoon before the movie, at least don’t suggest that it would be really terrific for kids to grow up in a shitty, potentially violent environment. Even if we disregard the comment about how these things “made me who I am today” (an intellectually bankrupt, immoral douchebag),  parents, generally speaking, want their kids to have it better than they did. For example, my father was born in a displaced persons camp in Germany, and never once did I ever hear him say, “Boy, you have it too easy. If only we could introduce some Nazis into this equation to build character!”



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