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I’m not a Mushroomhead fan, but if I was, or if something similar were being done by a band that I liked, this would be pretty goddamn sweet. Basically, the group is going to be holding a three-day-long party in November, during which fans will not only get to see Mushroomhead perform and get an early taste of their next album, but will also get to spend what sounds like a lot of time hanging out with the band.

Here’s the barely-literate description from Mushroomhead’s Facebook page:

Join us for MUSHROOMHEADS’ “3-DAY FREAKEND” on Nov 2nd, 3rd and 4th!
—-WHAT IS IT?? A personal and intimate weekend to be spent hanging out, partying and literally rubbing elbows (amongst other things) with the band, at a handful of Clevelands most desirable haunts.
—-WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?? Hotel parties, 5-star dining, top shelf drinking, gambling, (more drinking) laughing and generally tearing up the town. PLUS,.. unlimited Q & A at your leisure.
—-THEN WHAT?? A day of whirlpools, waterslides and fast paced fun at one of the biggest and best waterparks in America!!
—-SO?… is that it??.. OH HAIL NO!!! A chef prepared meal fit for KINGS AND QUEENS served at the same tables that the band will be eating at is next up on the agenda… This incredible meal will be followed by musical performances from MUSHROOMHEAD, TENAFLY VIPER, NOTHING and a few more jaw dropping surprises left to be revealed HERE, in Cleveland.
—-WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT??? ALL party goers will receive a one of a kind, CUSTOM MADE MASK to commemorate this EVENTFUL WEEKEND like none before it!!!! An exclusive screening of a couple/few NEW CUTS off the NEW RECORD will also be on the itinerary for your enjoyment!! IT’S ALL INCLUSIVE!! JUST GET HERE!!

Needless to say, this thing ain’t cheap — it’s $2,500 for a single fan or $4,500 for couples (as though anyone who gets laid listens to Mushroomhead), which obviously doesn’t include any travel costs incurred by getting oneself to Cleveland, whatever you lose while gambling, etc. That being said, it sounds worth it for hardcore fans… I mean, can you imagine if, say, Gojira or Devin Towsend did something like this? You’d probably think long and hard about what you could hock to come up with that $2,500, wouldn’t you?

You can get tickets here.


Thanks: Crazy Eyes

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