Tom Morello Guests on New Ice Cube Single “Everythang’s Corrupt”


Ice Cube’s recording career: apparently still a thing! I honestly thought he was content as a shitty ‘Merican beer spokesman these days.

But nope, the iceman is still around, and he’s got a new track called “Everythang’s Corrupt.” With lyrical gems like this, you know you’re in for something grand:

It’s fishy
Politicians smell like my bowels
Talkin’ mad shit
Really cramping my styles
I got many, now I’m pinchin’ pennies, no doubt
I squeeze Lincolns so hard
a fuckin’ booger came out

That’s Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello on the guitar, by the way. Not sure if that’s him playing the sampled riff that comprises most of the song, but there’s no mistaking that solo at the end of the song for anyone else.

In conclusion, I concur: everythang is most DEFINITELY corrupt and fucked up. Vote independent if you don’t live in a swing state!

[via Metal Insider]

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