Baroness’ “March to the Sea” Live Video Happily Reminds Us of Better Times


Last week I had the opportunity to see John Baizley of Baroness perform live for the first time since this past summer’s horrible bus accident, a rare solo performance at Philadelphia’s First Unitarian Church. The Storytellers-style show was emotionally charged; you could see on Baizley’s face that he was incredibly thankful to be playing live again, albeit anxious to be doing so without the curtain-like support of a full band behind him. He spoke in hushed tones, and seemed humbled that anyone at all had come out to see him with less than 24 hours’ notice. He looked noticeably skinnier than when we’d seen him last — and walked with a slight limp — but shattering bones in a brutal bus crash will do that to a man. Most of all, it was great to see him performing live again. I felt happy for John to cross that milestone, and privileged to witness such a rare and special show.

Needless to say, it’s still going to be a while before Baroness are in full touring shape again. For the time being they’ve released a new music video for the Yellow & Green track “March to the Sea;” whereas videos that are just clipped together live scenes are usually boring, this is the one instance I’m actually grateful and thankful to see one. Baroness still have not toured he U.S. in support of their most recent album, and the one or two new songs they played opening for Meshuggah early last year is all we’ve gotten to witness live. Enjoy this video and hope that we get a working, healthy and confident Baroness back out on tour sooner rather than later.

[via Spin]

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