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Scion Rock Fest 2013 Will Be in Memphis, Tennessee


Scion Rock Fest 2013

Sock-manufacturing extraordinaires Scion continue to pump money into the metal world: for the fifth year in a row, they’ll be sponsoring a free metal festival in the U.S. The announcement came via Scion A/V’s Facebook page earlier today [via The PRP].

Following their previous festivals in Atlanta, Columbus, Pomona (California) and Tampa in each of the past four years, the 2013 edition will take place in Memphis, TN. I kinda dig that Scion has been doing these shows away from the coastal oases you’d expect, other than Pomona (which itself is still an hour away from L.A. in traffic). Memphis seems like the perfect spot: plenty of space, it’s in the middle of the U.S., cheap accommodations abound and there’s plenty of great BBQ.

The event will take place on June 1st. No word yet on whether it’ll be at one venue or several (or if there will be multiple stages), and we haven’t heard anything about which bands are performing.

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