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Strangle Wank’s Death Erection: Great Band Name, Better Music


Strangle Wank - Death Erection


You would be forgiven for assuming that a band called Strangle Wank, whose newish (it came out in July of last year) EP is entitled Death Erection, were just another stupid porno-grind band (and even as a grind fan, I have a hard time finding porno grind that I think is any good). In fact, when the band e-mailed us about Death Erection, well, I pretty much ignored the e-mail. Thank the Gods of Thunder that Vince is a nicer dude than I am, and gave the album a listen anyway. He then forwarded me the group’s Band Camp link with this simple message: “Oh fuck yes elephants marching!” Vince knows the way to my heart.

It’s true: despite what their band moniker, album title, and song names (which include “4 Pump Chump with a 1 inch Love Stump,” “Big Clits and Small Tits,” and “A Reach Around is Just a Lazy Wank”) would suggest, Strangle Wank don’t play porno grind — or any kind of grind — at all. It is, instead, elephants-marching-tastic death-sludge of the Crowbar variety — in fact, now that I just typed that, I can’t imagine anyone who loves Crowbar not digging Strangle Wank. It’s the kind of metal that to which you can’t help but head-bob; Strangle Wank’s riffs are so fat, raw, and juicy, they’re the musical equivalent of a great steak. Yum.

I implore you to check these dudes out; the aforementioned “Big Clits and Small Tits” is my personal favorite track for now, but there isn’t a bad song on this album.

Also, someone should sign these guys ASAP. You’ve met your quota of shitty fourth-generation deathcore bands for the year — now is the time to make some art, damn it!!!

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