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New Music Round-Up: New Jamz From Hypocrisy, Heaven Shall Burn and Anthrax


Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure

Can we talk about how Hypocrisy are still killing it? They’ve been releasing albums for 21 years (!) and their music still sound fresh and relevant. Vocalist/guitarist Peter Tägtgren has been producing albums for other bands for almost that long (check out his discography), and I have to think that’s the main contributing factor towards Hypocrisy’s modern day lack of suckiness. The reasons are twofold: 1) Since Tägtgren’s “day job” is producing, Hypocrisy at this point is basically just a “for fun” project that isn’t influenced or diluted by industry interests or pressures to go commercial, 2) his constant contact with other bands through said day job keeps him in touch with new metal bands and fresh artistic influences. This is all a roundabout way of saying Hypocrisy’s new song “Tales of the Spineless” kicks ass and you should listen it. You should listen to “Disclosure” here, too, which also comes from the band’s new album End of Disclosure, out March 22. Catch the band on tour with Krisiun, Aborted and Arsis this spring.

Heaven Shall Burn, one of our favorite German bands, have released another new song from their forthcoming album Veto (April 30th, Century Media), and this time you mercifully will not have to solve a stupid puzzle to listen to it. The song is called “Die Stürme Rufen Dich” (“The Storm Calls You”) and has everything we’ve always loved about Heaven Shall Burn: big riffs, a fierce attitude and memorable hooks. Cannot wait for this album. Dig, via

Anthrax’s cover EP, Anthems, comes out tomorrow, so late last week the band released another track from the album. I agree with Axl’s assessment that their cover of Rush’s “Anthem” was less than enjoyable, but I think this version of Boston’s “Smokin’” is way better, if for no reason than that I like the original song much more. Boston’s debut album is completely unfuckwithable start to finish, and “Smokin’” is one of those jamz that always gets my booty shakin’. This cover is pretty straight-forward — not much in the way of Anthraxification of this classic tune — but Joey Belladonna nails Brad Delp’s high-pitched yelps and Rob Caggiano delivers an original, scorching guitar solo (one of his last recorded with Anthrax). Stream, via

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