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Marilyn Manson Thinks He’s Batman, Is Wrong



You know how Batman sometimes uses smoke pellets to provide cover while he makes a super-sneaky escape? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, congratulations on not  being a total nerd, and watch this get the gist of the idea:

And in case you’re wondering what it would like if, say, a completely fucktarded celebrity tried to use this method to escape from the paparazzi, Marilyn Manson is here to demonstrate for you:

Needless to say, not only did this little stunt in no way, shape, or form conceal the exit of Manson and the poor girl to whom he was going to give anal warts later that evening, but the fire department had to be called. So Manson ended up wasting a lot of other people’s time and money so that he could…

…what, exactly? That’s really the most infuriating thing about this: it was clearly a ploy not to maintain his privacy, but, on the contrary, to call attention to himself. I mean, you don’t go walking looking like a transvestite Liza Minelli impersonator’s corpse unless you want people to look at you. So clearly Manson thought, “Oh, this will be awesome and all the cameras will capture me being awesome and then everyone will remember how awesome I used to be,” and it didn’t work at all. He’s basically the Gob Bluth of metal.

[via Metal Insider]

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