Jah Intronaut: The Dub Jam


A friend I thought had good taste in music once looked at me quizzically when I told them I listened to dub. No, not dubstep, just dub. That friend is no longer a friend.

If the only association you can make with the word “dub” is Skrillex, learn up on real dub right quick with this video of Intronaut stretching out in the EMG studios over a basic dub jam. #3 Best Modern Metal Drummer Danny Walker lays down that pocket groove, deceptive in its simplicity, with relative ease, where many other metal drummers capable of playing 10,000 BPM would flail. Joe Lester is locked in with Walker. And whereas guitars are usually a focal point in metal, they take a back seat here by laying the foundation for Walker and Lester to shine.

For more dub: listen to the undisputed masters.

[via The PRP]

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