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Who are teh “BIG FOUR SCENE BANDS”????

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Unlike most of u, I was around for the big thrash boom of the mid-to-late 80s. Contrary to what many 20 year-olds in denim vests covered with patches would like u to believe, the truth is that the vast, vast, VAST majority of bands from that era were awful. For every sweet band like Destruction, Coroner, or Kreator u had literally 100 crappy, derivative, generic bands like Artillery, Xentrix, or Toxik. Of course, history has forgotten those bands and we only remember the great ones, creating a false memory of an idealized version of the past that never really existed where every band was unique, fresh and exciting.

And much like The Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth) defined the late 80s thrash scene by being head and shoulders above their peers, it is only a matter of time before we look back on the bands of today and hold up a handful of them as being legitimately great bands that were far superior to the legions of imitators who will be forgotten.

In this post, I will share my predictions for who the “Big Four Scene Bands” will be– the ones who are currently widely despised by Real Metal Fans (like Slipknot or Metallica were at their peak) but will be held up as ‘legendary innovators who played REAL music not liek the generic crap that all these new bands play.’

Lettuce be cereal: there are a lot of rly rly shitty, boring, interchangeable deathcore bands. If u want some examples look up one of those “10 most BR()()TAL deathcore brakedowns!!!!” videos on youtube. But SUISIDE SILENCE is not one of them. They are more popular than anyone else in their genre for a reason: they’re a fucking great band, both recorded and live. I believe SUISIDE SILENCE will go down as the SLAYER of their era/genre– they are that good.

I feel like they are akshually on the verge of being accepted as Real Music/a Real Band but metal dorks, and I am glad to see that. They put in the work and it shows: they are bad motherfuckers who can play their asses off like few others. To this day, when I listen to “The Cleansing” the hair on my arms stands up because they sound so fucking pissed– the exact opposite of all the bands who ripped them off, whose albums are boring as shit because they edited/quantized/sample replaced the fuk out of them to cover up for the fact that unlike SUISIDE SILENCE, they couldn’t really play.

Directed by my buddy Drew Russ

I previously called these guys the most innovative band of the decade, and I stand by that. Of course many of u will try to write this off as “more of my stupid trolling,” but I am 10000% srs. Consider this: can u think of a band in the last 10 years who has been more widely copied than ATTACK ATTACK? There is basically a whole genre of ATTACK ATTACK knockoff bands– hundreds if not thousands of bands all over the world who copy not only AA’s music, but their production, style of dress, and even stage moves! Not fuckin bad considering that they dropped “Someday Came Suddenly” when they were just a bunch of derpy 10th graders from Westerville, Ohio.

I guarantee that there are big things in store for their singer Caleb Shomo, who is a super talented songwriter (now fronting BEARTOOTH, on Red Bull Records).

Also directed by my buddy Drew Russ

IMO, these guys are on the verge of becoming the next BLINK-182. U can hate on them all u want but the fact of the matter is that no band since SLIPKNOT has sold as many albums playing such heavy music. Their secret weapon is that there is no secret– they are just really fucking good songwriters who have been working their balls off (along with producer/engineer/songwriter Andrew Wade) at honing their craft.

While they were touring in a shitty van at 18, u were sitting around on gearslutz telling people their plugins suck. When they were making hit video after hit video for “Homesick,” u were smoking weed and playing WoW. When they spent 18 months writing over 40 songs for their new album, you were calling them losers in the comments on Metal Sucks. Now do u see why they are successful and well, u aren’t?

Oh yeah, and they just became the rock version of MACKLEMORE by self-releasing an album that, if it was on a label, would almost definitely be #1 on Billboard.

I have always been a fan of bands with a very clear, singular vision of what they want to do and who relentlessly pursue the perfection of that vision, getting one step closer with every album. Which is why I love EMMURE, who basically made a whole band out of the concept of “chugs that are so fukking brutal it almost seems like a sarcastic joke,” and do it better than anyone else.

BTW, if u think that ur really clever for making super patrician “EMMURE binary code” jokes, all ur doing is revealing to everybody that u actually don’t know shit about making or playing music. Ur just embarrassing yourself. If you think it’s easy to play syncopated chugs and double bass this tight, in front of 1000s of people, you’re fucking high. Go ahead and try it and lmk how that works our for u. This band is tight as fuck.


THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA/BRING ME THE HORIZON/I SEE STARS/THE WHITECHAPELS. These are “the Forbidden/Testament/Vengeance Rising of scene bands”– good but not great. Mostly notable for their charismatic singer or just kinda being in the right place at the right time. Not hating on them by any means, just saying that imo they do not belong in the Big Four.

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