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The Atlas Moth “Remixed” by Emmure


Frankie Hearts The Atlas Moth

I was feeling a semi-serious amount of Jewish guilt yesterday over us having a laugh at the accidental on-stage electrocution of Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri, because even if I loathe the guy’s art, and even if I don’t think he has two brains cell to rub together to make a third,  I don’t wish any bodily harm upon the dude.

But then Islander over at No Clean Singing pointed out that it’s okay to laugh “because [Palmeri] seems to have recovered from his on-stage electrocution.” Excellent point! I owe Islander a beer for allowing me to join in the revelry and merriment over Palmeri’s misfortune.

And I owe Islander another beer for bringing this to my attention: The “Emmure remix” of “Holes in the Desert” by Pameri’s biggest fans, The Atlas Moth. SPOILER ALERT: it’s not a remix in the traditional sense, and Emmure didn’t (purposefully) contribute to it (or at least, not the audio) — it was created by Cris Bissell, drummer for Wisconsin’s awesome Orwell, who we’ve featured here on MetalSucks in the past, and are really good and definitely deserving of your attention.

As is this, because it’s truly A++++ WDBWA material:

And in conclusion, I’d just like to add:

Terrific .gif courtesy the geniuses at Metal Injection.

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