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Aw Nuts! RATM/Sabbath Drummer Brad Wilk, Punk Rock Wife To Divorce


Brad Wilk, Selene Vigil divorce

Last night, reports hit the internets that Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne and his estranged wife-manager Sharon have resumed co-habitation. Ozzy himself stated that he’d been whacked out on the goofballs during the creation of new album 13, so Sharon bailed to a hotel. But as they’ve made a step back to their bizarro domesticity, TMZ reports that marriage troubles have hit another 13 performer, stand-in drummer Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine.

The easy joke here is that his future ex-wife Selene Vigil, like Sharon, was forced to part from her beau thanks to his role in crappy 13. (But in this case, it’s not drugz but his drum performances that bummed her out lol. Har har har.) But srsly, producers Rick Rubin and Greg Fidelman pressed the life right out of that mix didn’t they? The jam is nice, but its sonics remind me of a piece of cardboard used to scrape up barf. I’d split too, if I were Vigil. But then Wilk would remind me that I used to be in 7 Year Bitch so I’m a lesbian anyway. sorry :)

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