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Drop What You’re Doing and Listen to This New Castevet Track


Castevet - Obsian

Castevet’s 2010 debut album Mounds of Ash made all sorts of waves when it came out. MS Reviews Editors Sammy O’Hagar loved it, and listed it amongst his top records of the year. What I liked about Mounds of Ash was the technical spin it put on black metal — the tonality and harmonics without many of the genre’s cliched trappings — turned over and spit out into a completely different format through the proggy prism of math-metal bands like Coalesce. Unlike other proggy black metal bands — say, Keep of Kalessin — Castevet keep things raw and punk rock, and they wouldn’t dare hire a keyboard player to pipe in synths (not that there’s anything wrong with that). No surprise that Castevet share Krallice bassist Nicholas McMaster and that Mounds was produced by Krallice guitarist Colin Marston; the bands’ similarities extend beyond just their membership.

Castevet have a new track called “As Fathomed By Beggars and Victims,” and thankfully it picks up right where Mounds of Ash left off. If you were a fan of the latter you’ll definitely dig this one, and if you’ve never heard of Castevet before then hopefully this track does the trick for you. Stream it at Pitchfork. New album Obsian comes out on Profound Lore on October 15th.

[via No Clean Singing]

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