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MetalSucks Endorses Chris Quin to Replace Joey Jordison in Slipknot


So far, the big question of 2014 is, “Who will be the new drummer for Slipknot?” MetalSucks has already offered up a handful of suggestions, and former Decapitated drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner has tossed his hat in the ring. And while both Krimh and our previous suggestions would surely do a more-than-able job filling Jordison’s mask, the below video of a young man named Chris Quin covering The ‘Knot’s “Before I Forget” on drums has us 110% convinced that he’s THE man for the job. No joke — the amount of power and finesse Quin brings to this performance would be a rarity for PROFESSIONAL metal drummers, let alone some dude just showing off his chops on YouTube. We think it would be foolish for Slipknot not to just hire this guy outright, but at the very least, they NEED to grant him an audition.

Check out the video of Quin doin’ his thang below and just try and tell us we’re wrong. Quin’s performance may actually be SUPERIOR to Jordison’s original!!!

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