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Best (Not-Quite-New) Invention Ever of the Day: The Djentstick


In the words of the great Charlie Kelly:

“Every now and then, there are new modalities, new ways of being and understanding our world. This invention… will change everything. For better, one hopes. But the ‘good’ of the scorpion is not the ‘good’ of the frog, yes?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Djentstick, from master inventor Miguel Yépez. It is a “one stringed fretless low tune instrument” Mr. Yépez has constructed from by amalgamating the aforementioned single string with “an active EMG81 pickup thru a Line 6 Pod XT,” and, of course, a big stick.

The Djenstick

Here’s a video of Mr. Yépez using his Djentstick to perform After the Burial’s “A Wolf Amongst Ravens,” which I think makes The Djenstick the scorpion and After the Burial the frog in this metaphor:

Although inventor Olivier Gustafsson manufactureed a similar product in 2012, as Lambgoat so succinctly puts it, “he didn’t have a catchy name like Djentstick.” Still, I think it’s important that we remember that Gustafsson did it first. Let’s not let him go down in history as the Tesla to Yépez’s Edison, the Farnsworth to Yépez’s Sarnoff.

Thanks: jd

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