A Bittersweet Video Involving Anthrax’s Charlie Benante and “I Am the Law”


benante polkaRed Bull‘s beat:repeat series has just released a video all about Anthrax’s Charlie Benante working with Ninja Tunes’ Lee Bannon at Manhattan’s legendary Electric Ladyland Studios. The goal of the session, the video proclaims, was “to transform the track from its core: the beat.” But we don’t ever get to hear the final product, which is kind of a bummer (or possibly a blessing). Also a bummer: when Benante is recalling his youthful impressions of Electric Ladyland, he notes that the studio is on 8th Street… at which point they cut to a shot of Houston Street, which doesn’t even intersect with 8th Street (they run parallel to one another). Why not just grab a shot of 8th Street? There’s a moment later on where they film Bannon standing on the corner of Christopher and Greenwich, and not only does Greenwich turn into 8th Street, but Electric Ladyland is literally a block-and-a-half away.  I know it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but shit like that distracts me.

Regardless, the video is worth watching, because it’s cool to hear Benante discussing the writing of the song… and to hear him proclaim that it has “a polka beat.” Oh my God, someone please do a polka cover of “I Am the Law” STAT!!!

[via The PRP]

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