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Deicide’s Glen Benton Sells Out, Tells Fans to Stop Moshing So Violently

  • Axl Rosenberg

glen benton is a stupid hippieDeicide frontman Glen Benton outed himself as a stupid fucking hippie today when he gave the following quote to The Rich Republican Part of California Weekly:

“Well we’ve seen some crazy shit over the years; death metal pits can get crazy. We’ve seen fights and people over doing with aggression and we’ve had to barricade in dressing rooms to wait till things mellowed out, years ago. I don’t know I’ve never felt scared, but I did feel a bit disappointed a few times, it is about fun not violence on that level. We just saw a kid recently split his head open, after getting knocked out and we don’t like it anytime anyone gets hurt at the shows, it’s not a good thing. At the end of the day I’d rather see a kid go home smiling about the show rather than with stitches.”

Insiders close to the band tell MetalSucks that they’re worried this could ruin the career of Benton, whose metal cred was already in question after he failed to make good on his promise to commit suicide at the age of thirty-three (a.k.a. the age at which Jesus was crucified).

Indeed, when the news broke, the metalsphere reacted with justifiable acrimoniousness. Here’s just a small sampling of angry comments left on various message boards across the web:

“Fucking pussy.” -0nceuponthecr0ss666

“Tell it to your boyfriend, poser.” -MalevolentCreationFan4Ever

“What a choad. I heard the inverted cross burn on his head isn’t even real. That’s why he always got the cap on. A make-up artist has to apply that shit before every public appearance.” -townsendtaint1

Ouch. I wonder if Glen will try to backtrack or stand by his inflammatory comment?

[via Metal Injection]

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