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So Many Guitarmonies in the New Falconer Jam


Falconer - Black Moon RisingFALCONER. Even if you’ve never listened to a note of their music you can probably guess pretty closely what they sound like.

The riff that opens up this new Falconer song “Halls and Chambers” is the tits: you really can’t ever go wrong with guitarmonies! Pretty much all the guitars in this song rule. I’m with it all right up into the chorus, which feels like a cheesy cop-out to me. I know, it’s power metal, it’s supposed to be cheesy… but this chorus just ain’t working, it’s weak. Here’s the stream via Metal Hammer:

Oddly enough I have the same exact issue with another new Falconer song released a couple of weeks back, “Locust Swarm.” It RULES right up until the chorus and then the vocals kill it for me:

Black Moon Rising comes out June 10th. Order it here.

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