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Byzantine are Working on a New Album!


ByzantineAs sure as the sun rises and The Daily News will always be pro-gun I will always be here to post about Byzantine news, as apparently will the rest of the Metalwebs (I guess they’re critics’ darlings?), despite the fact that in the grand scheme of things not very many people seem to care about this incredible band.

The latest: The Byz (Nobody Beats ‘Em!) are busy writing their fifth album, with seven songs complete and tracking scheduled for September. Posts the band (presumably Chris “OJ” Ojeda) via Facebook:

It’s been very quiet here in the Byzantine camp, and for good reason. We have taken the last few months to write what will become our 5th studio album. Tomorrow will be our first rehearsal in almost 3 months. We will begin learning the new songs, adding personal touches and making them true Byzantine songs. 7 songs have been written so far. We most likely will be adding a few more new songs along the way as well. With our new bassist Sean Sydnor and lead guitarist Brian Henderson both making their Byzantine recording debut here, this album will surely be a departure from our previous efforts. Stay tuned for more updates. Recording will begin in September when engineer/producer Jay Hannon lands back in WV.

It’s worth noting this will be the first Byzantine album recorded without lead guitarist Tony Rohrbough and bassist Michael “Skip” Cromer, but I’m sure OJ’s got plenty of ridiculously tasty riffs brewing and everything will be fine.

I like how Byzantine has basically become a side-project to all of these guys, as in, secondary to whatever else they have going on in their lives. From what I understand all these guys hold down regular jobs and spend plenty of time with their families, and they only play shows when they feel like it and pretty much never tour. That’s kind of awesome, isn’t it?

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