Crucified Barbara Wonder How it Feels “To Kill a Man”


Crucified Barbara Band PhotoIn light of insane misogynist Elliot Rodger’s killing spree last week and the #YesAllWomen Twitter campaign it inspired, “To Kill a Man,” the new video and single from  the Scandinavian all-female band Crucified Barbara, could not be more relevant. (Although, surely, it’s just a coincidence that the song should be released now — music videos can’t be made in a matter of days, after all — as is the fact that Rodger’s murders took place at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Just thought I’d point that out before some conspiracy theorist in the comments section does.) The track deals with… well, here, I’ll just let the band explain it:

“One fifth of all the world’s women have been raped or assaulted in their lifetime. The dark statistics became the basis for the song ‘To Kill a Man’ and our most important message of the video. The production company 11Frames has captured our vision perfectly, and we are proud that we take the opportunity lifting heavy topics such as violence and sexism with a really heavy hard rock video.”

Of course, the impact of the message would be dampened considerably if the song sucked; luckily, it doesn’t. I’ve never really been a Crucified Barbara fan, but there’s no denying that this track is catchy as hell. Check it out:

“To Kill a Man” will appear on Crucified Barbara’s new album, In the Red, which comes out August 20 via Despotz Records. You can also buy the digital single on iTunes or stream it via Spotify.

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