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Rage Against the Dead Letter Circus


Rage Against the Dead Letter CircusSo there’s this radio program called triplej that features a segment entitled “Like a Version,” which, as if you couldn’t guess, features bands performing — you got it! — cover versions of other band’s songs. And the most recent edition of this segment featured Dead Letter Circus covering Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name”… and I use the word “covering” pretty loosely. This is right up there with the version recorded by Blue Sky Archives (featuring Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches) in terms of deviating from the original so as to make it more a thing of beauty than a thing of, y’know, Rage. But it’s also really great, and has a haunting quality which I think ultimately still serves the message of the song. And DLC get bonus points for completely and totally making the track their own.

Enjoy, mi amigos:

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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