Exclusive Interview with One of the Members of Mushroomhead


A rep for the band Mushroomhead recently contacted me and asked if I’d like to interview one of the band’s three singers. The answer, of course, was “no thank you.” But then the rep promised me there would be free beer at the interview, so I did it anyway. I never asked what the guy’s name was and I can’t tell any of the members of Mushroomhead apart. I know he’s not Pig Benis because that dude isn’t in the band anymore, though.

ANYWAY, here’s the interview.

Hey… you. So, uh… are you satisfied with your band’s new album?

Oh, really? That’s funny, we don’t like it either… we’re just here for the free beer. So you can tell us why you don’t like it?

Oh… well… uh… do you have any ideas for how to make the next one better?

That’s too bad. You must be stoked to be part of this summer’s Mayhem Fest, though.

Really? You’re not? But don’t you think they put together an incredible bill this year?

But you must at LEAST feel confident in your own abilities as a performer.

Alright, well, that’s too bad. Say, can I have another beer? [belches] This one is about done.

Okay then, I guess I’m gonna take off. It was something I did meeting you!

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