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Exordium Mors: U Jam?


Exordium Mors

It was announced Thursday that Australia’s renowned Big Day Out festival will not be staged in 2015. The need for a year off has been chalked up to timing and booking, but gosh what a major bummer for would-be partyers, for huge bands, and for the glow stick and recreational drug sectors. They may not recover. But we will, for metal people need not cancel their Oz itinerary, just tweak it: Instead of waiting for January, pack your shit now; instead of Australia, head to neighboring New Zealand; instead of three days of huge mainstream bands at BDO, get to the album release events for the new opus by Exordium Mors. Titled The Apotheosis Of Death, the set is belligerent black metal and vibrant death metal, suffocating and spectral like Bathory, sure-footed like Behemoth, funereal like Watain. So that would be more than worth the trip; I mean, one look at these weird fuckers and you can tell that they just live to vomit blood into faces. Plus, this way you’ll have an extra two days to check out all that Hobbit shit.

Exordium Mors’ The Apotheosis Of Death is out July 8 via Iron, Blood & Death Records. Get it here and probably here.

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