Video: King 810 Really Want You To Know They’re From Flint, Michigan


King 810 very badly want you to know that they’re from Flint, Michigan, and that Flint is TOUGH, maaaan! They bring “armed” guards on stage during their shows, they’re a bunch of criminals (although I’m still not convinced this wasn’t just a publicity stunt) and they put the city’s area code right there in their band name for emphasis. Now they’ve filmed a music video of themselves and their friends running around the ruins of one of America’s most tragically deserted cities.

Look, I get it. I’ve been to Flint, and it’s fucking rough. But at a certain point I’d have to think the whole “we’re from Flint and we’re tough” gimmick is gonna get old. Like, I wonder what’s gonna happen when these dudes experience some degree of financial success, start families and move to nice suburbs like Flushing? It kinda seems inevitable.

Their new video for “Fat Around the Heart” is at least visually entertaining to watch. Check it out above. I wonder if King 810 ever hang out with the dudes from The Dayton Family?

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