Enlarge Remember when David Gunn said he was at the riot to film a music video? Whatever happened with that?

King 810 Release New Video, Don’t Use Capitol Riot Footage

  • Axl Rosenberg

King 810 have released a music video for their song “Love Under Will,” which appears on last year’s AK Concerto No. 47, 11th Movement in G Major. You can watch it below.

It occurs to me that almost ten months ago, King 810 frontman David Gunn was spotted at the Capitol Riot. He later said he was there to film footage for a music video, not to violently protest the legal election of Joe Biden. This is King 810’s second music video — after “I Am the Enemy” — to debut since then, but we have yet to see any footage Gunn allegedly shot that day. Maybe there’s a legal reason the footage hasn’t found its way out yet, or maybe King 810 are saving it for something extra-super-duper-special.

Or maybe David Gunn is full of shit.

Hard to say, really.

Anyway here’s this dreck:

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