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Iris Divine Get a Record Label and Release a Super-Catchy New Song


Iris DivineOne of the most gratifying experiences of running this blog is getting to see hard-working, talented bands we’ve championed on the site in the past finally get the recognition they deserve from the metal world at large. Iris Divine, a band I’ve been covering for the past six years that’s for the most part been toiling in relative obscurity, finally got their pay-off in the form of a deal with Sensory Records, and they’ve got a new album coming out in March. Sure, they’re not mega-rock-stars (YET), but it’s great to know they finally have some backing that’ll take them to the next level.

If bands like King’s X, Porcupine Tree and to a slightly lesser extent Dream Theater get you all hot n’ bothered you’re absolutely gonna LOVE Iris Divine, as I do. If you only like stuff that’s considerably more br00tal, probably not so much. The most impressive thing to me is that their ear for songwriting is uncanny: their songs are just so fucking immediate, but without being corny or heavy-handed about it, and though the members are all clearly phenomenal musicians they don’t beat you over the head with that fact. Check out the new song “the Everlasting Sea” below, which premiered on Pure Grain Audio, and I dare you not to be pulled in instantly.

Karma Sown comes out on March 31st via Sensory Records. Stream another album track called “A Suicide Aware” here.


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