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Glenn Danzig Shops for His Own Kitty Litter

  • Axl Rosenberg

Our friends at Metal Insider and Metal Injection both posted the below photo today. In case you’re blind and your computer is, like, reading this to you or something, it’s a picture of Glenn Danzig in a grocery store parking lot, having just purchased, amongst other items, some kitty litter.

And I guess the picture is pretty funny, not least of all because Danzig is either wearing one of his own band shirts, or a shirt that looks one of his band shirts; I’ve seen Doro Pesch out in public rocking her own gear, too, and I don’t really understand the need to call attention to yourself like that, but maybe that’s why I’m an anonymous blogger and not a rock star.

But I don’t find a lot of humor in the simple fact that Glenn Danzig goes shopping. Between getting laid out by that dude from North Side Kingsadvising cancer patients not to get chemo, and declaring that The Illuminati secretly run the world, I’d argue that Danzig lost his cool mystery factor a long time ago.

You know what I would find surprising and hilarious? If his cat were any color other than black. Now that would be unexpected.

Glenn Danzig Shops for His Own Kitty Litter

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