Gene Simmons Does Not Care for Randy Blythe’s Vocals


genesimmonslambofgodYou gotta love Gene Simmons in that way you love the crazy ultra-political uncle who spends Thanksgiving dinner claiming that “what we need’s another war.” Sure, he’s a mercenary psycho who’s entirely out of touch with the real world, but he’s OUR mercenary psycho who’s entirely out of touch with the modern world. Why can’t those mean old poor people just leave him alone?

So this recent Rolling Stone article in which he’s asked to pass judgment on multiple classic and modern artists is really just silly at its core. When Simmons is asked for his opinion on Lamb of God’s “512,” he responds:

Lamb are a solid bunch of musicians — capable and bombastic. But while I like the backing track here, I must confess this type of vocal styling — what would happen if a werewolf tried singing? — just ain’t my thing. Not that I’m claiming I can sing, mind you.

Personally, I’d be curious what this fine backing track would sound like with a decent melody and with Dave Grohl’s vocals.

Right? I’m surprisingly charmed by this answer. First, Simmons has good words about Lamb of God’s musicianship, which is nice. Second, his werewolf comment is at least different from the Cookie Monster reference most people make, so points for originality. And third, we all know a Lamb of God song with Dave Grohl singing over it would suck, but hey, that’s who he knows in rock and roll these days!

It’s not nearly as bad as his comments on Kendrick Lamar:

But in all honesty, I am not the most qualified person to comment on rap. It has always struck me as an oddity and curiosity. I am respectful of its cultural origins, but it doesn’t speak to me. “Wild Thing” by the Troggs and “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)” by the Beastie Boys — now, that’s my kind of rap.

Oh, crazy Uncle Gene! You’re so silly. Heyo, look at that, it’s time for someone’s medicine!

[via Loudwire]

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