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Vinnie Paul Denied Entry to New Zealand Bar After Refusing to Remove Bandana



We make fun of Vinnie Paul for having his obsolete drumming opinions and vague, lazy political stances, but we’ll give him this: the guy doesn’t let himself be pushed around by some damn Kiwi bar owner, Gawd dammit.

Apparently, the drummer was denied access to the Rockpool pool hall in New Zealand this weekend because he wouldn’t remove his signature bandana. And before you wonder, as I did, if this was due to some weird issue on the bar’s part concerning the propriety of wearing hats indoors, here’s a quote from Blabbermouth:

The Rockpool owner Peter Whittaker did not comment on the Vinnie Paul incident but said people with visible facial or neck tattoos were not welcome at his bar.

“Not everyone is automatically excluded, but we don’t want that profile of person there,” he said.

So, okay, Vinnie Paul could’ve removed his bandana, as it’s just a bandana — it ain’t a fucking turban, for God’s sake — but at the same time, fuck this dude. “That profile of person?” Dude, you run a pool hall. Those aren’t known for attracting the most savory of characters.

Anyway, good on Vinnie for refusing to back down. There are other pool halls in New Zealand. Right? Maybe.

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