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There’s Something Fishy About Droids Attack’s “Mashenomak”



Droids Attack are at it again with what might be the the best song about a Native American fish monster you’ll hear all day, or probably all year.

According to guitarist/vocalist Brad van, “Mashenomak” is a monster that terrorized a lake by tipping over canoes and imprisoning spirit animals by swallowing them. So one of those things is a prank you do at summer camp and the other is something you wish would happen to all those fucking spirit science hippies. There’s really no in-between with this thing, but swallowing spirit animals would be a cool idea for some Native-American-themed death metal.

“Mashenomak” is a whopping eight-and-a-half minutes long, presumably because that’s how long it takes to be devoured by a fish monster. The song is chock full of chuggy riffs that are perfect to do a little bit of slow headbanging to and sounds like a more grown-up and much less World of Warcrafty cousin of Elite Tauren Chieftain’s “I Am Murloc.”

Anyway, “Mashenomak” is the single off Drods Attacks’ upcoming album Sci-Fi or Die, which drops February 29 via Riff Reaper. You can listen below, and pre-order the album here.

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