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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: February 24, 2016


Anthrax - For All Kings

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


high priest of saturnHigh Priest Of Saturn
Son Of Earth And Sky (Svart)
On a playlist with: Sleep, Dreadnaught, Electric Wizard
Listen “Aeolian Dunes” (here)

Amid all the blastbeats, burstbeats, and beatbeats, an escape from the truly coked-up madness seems all but impossible, the racket of it all your shackles! Enter psychedelic doom-rock. Think of it as medicinal music, as release, as escape. High Priest Of Saturn is not just a clever name. Son Of Earth And Sky is what you’d expect from the genre, except slowed down 25 percent and extra spacey. Get lost at around the 5:00 mark in “Aeolian Dunes.”


Tsjuder Kill-for-SatanTsjuder
Kill For Satan reissue (Season Of Mist)
On a playlist with: Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Carpathian Forest
Listen “Kill For Satan (The King’s Birth)” (here)

Kill For Satan, eh? No advocating for killing here, but the point is clear: uh, kill for Satan. Reissues get moderate to minimal coverage; yeah, we’ve heard it before, right? But when something so fucking massively raw and heavy gets put back out into circulation, you can’t sidestep. Tsjuder tells you: “Beelzebub raises his horns / Seraph flesh torn apart / Belial snaps his whip / The return of the Beast / Hail!” Also, Demonic Possession has been reissued! Double Satan!


royal republicRoyal Republic
Weekend Man (Spinefarm)
On a playlist with: existential hurt and general uselessness
Listen “Baby” (here) “When I See You Dance With Another” (here)

SHE’S NOT YOUR B-B-BA-BABY B-B-B-BA-BABY BABY BABY B-B-B-BA-BA-BABY SHE’S NOT YOUR B-B-B-B-BABY BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA BABY COM’ON B-B-B-B-BA-BA-BA-BABY. Also check out those dope roller skates and wicked cartoon lightning bolts shooting forth from people’s no-no areas. Have you ever questioned existence, humanity, or suffering? She’s not your baby.


Destroyer-666-Wildfire-coverDeströyer 666
Wildfire (Season Of Mist)
On a playlist with: Bestial Warlust, Watain, Beherit
Listen Wildfire full stream (here)

Fallen away from thrash lately? It’s understandable: most nu- or post-thrash is (too) heavily reliant on exacting the sounds of yore. It’s 2016, baby! This is a new goddamn age, right?! Deströyer 666 is the answer for folks who want to be rocket-shipped back into the genre. Not that it’s a “beginner’s album” by any measure. It’ll get you there, but you have to clench. Wildfire has gristly meat on its bones, and fury in its heart, and also features some really intense displays of wrist muscle endurance.


entombedaddeaddawnEntombed A.D.
Dead Dawn (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Dismember, Nihilist, Unleashed
Listen “Midas In Reverse” (here)

Entombed, but after death. Makes sense, because (in a typical situation) entombing occurs postmortem. Also when a band dies, you can just slap “A.D.” after the name and bam! You’re dead and alive at the same time. This super-important duality is what makes Entombed A.D. special. They draw big numbers, big crowds, and it’s a big name. But who are they musically? Luckily, their reputation doesn’t precede the music too much, i.e. Dead Dawn is a rockin’ album worthy of your mosh-punches ‘n’ shit.


Dominion Of Misery (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with: Archspire, Origin, Rings Of Saturn
Listen Dominion Of Misery full stream (here)

This extra-death take on super-extreme technical death metal is a welcome addition to the already bloated repertoire of bands who uncaringly play more notes than there are atoms in the entire fucking galaxy. And even though some of the drum bits are impossible (prove it!), Dominion Of Misery is a sick and sickening album. Dizzying in its arrays and frustrating in its straightforwardness, it delivers only when you bow to its wishes.



Abyssic A Winter’s Tale (Osmose) listen
Adelita’s Way Getaway (Fuel) listen
Against Human Plague (Via Nocturna) listen
Altarage Nihl (Iron Bonehead) listen
Anthrax For All Kings (Megaforce) listen listen
Anvil Anvil Is Anvil (SPV) listen
Chains Over RazorsArabrot The Gospel (Fysisk Format) listen
Asphodelus Dying Beauty And The Silent Sky EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Assorted Heap The Experience Of Horror reissue (Vic) listen
Athena’s Grace Martyrs EP (Hotfoot) listen
Beehoover Primitive Powers (Unundeax) listen
Black Cobra Imperium Simulacra (Season Of Mist) listen
Black Sleep The Whales Of The Grey Sea (Sliptrick) listen
death indexBloodbound One Night Of Blood live DVD/CD (AFM) listen
Bombus Repeat Until Death (Century Media) listen
Buffalo Theory MTL Skeptic Knight EP (Stand) listen
Chains Over Razors Crown The Villain (SMG) listen
Cherubs Fist In The Air EP (Brutal Panda) listen
Coffins / Ilsa split 12″ (Relapse) listen
Crimson Moonlight Divine Darkness (Endtime) listen
Droids AttackCult Of The Lost Cause Contritions (Sailor) listen listen
Death Index Death Index (Deathwish) listen
Deathless Legacy The Gathering (Scarlet) listen
Devotion Words And Crystals (Pavement) listen listen
Droids Attack Sci-Fi Or Die (Riff Reaper) listen listen
Efpix Evil Sides (Sliptrick) listen
Ekram Last Man Standing (Sliptrick) listen
Greenleaf Rise Above The MeadowFolteraar Vertellingen Van Een Donkere Eeuw (Iron Bonehead) listen
Foul Body Autopsy Perpetuated By Greed EP (Comatose) listen
From Ashes To New Day One (Better Noise) listen
Goatcraft όλεθρος EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Greenleaf Rise Above The Meadow (Napalm) listen
Headspace All That You Fear Is Gone (Inside Out) listen
Hyperion Seraphical Euphony (Black Lion) listen
KraterInfernal Curse Apocalipsis (Iron Bonehead) listen
Jani Lane Catch A Falling Star collection (Deadline) listen
Karma To Burn Mountain Czar (Rodeostar/SPV) listen
*Krater Urere (Eisenwald) listen listen
Magnum Sacred Blood Divine Lies (SPV) listen
Mars Red Sky Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul) (Listenable)
Maze Of Terror Ready To Kill (Empire) listen
The New RosesMefisto (Vic) listen
Message To The Masses Means To An End (Artery) listen
Mondo Drag The Occultation Of Light (Riding Easy) listen
Mussorgski Creatio Cosmicam Beastie (Godz Ov War) listen
The New Black A Monster’s Life (AFM) listen
The New Roses Dead Man’s Voice (Napalm) listen
Conny Ochs Future Fables (Exile On Mainstream) listen
RogashOmnium Gatherum Grey Heavens (Century Media) listen
Onslaught Live At The Slaughterhouse DVD/CD (AFM) watch
Oranssi Pazuzu Värähtelijä (20 Buck Spin) listen
Overunit Machine Aldaraja (Sliptrick) listen
Procreation Ghostwood (2014) (Vic) listen
Protector Cursed And Coronated (High Roller) listen
Raff Sangiorgio Rebirth (Sliptrick) listen
StillbornRedemption The Art Of Loss (Metal Blade) listen listen
Redwest Crimson Renegade (Bakerteam) listen
Ritual Chamber Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim) (Profound Lore) listen
Rogash Malevolence (War Anthem) listen
Section A Wall Of Silence (Mausoleum) listen
Sinbreed Master Creator (AFM) listen
the unguidedSinphobia Awaken (Bakerteam) listen
Spirit Adrift Behind – Beyond EP (Prosthetic) listen
Steel Panther Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage CD/DVD (Kobalt) watch watch
Testimonio de Bautismo (Godz Ov War) listen
Sunburst Fragments Of Creation (Inner Wound) listen
Sworn Amongst Under A Titan Sky (SMG) listen
Temisto Temisto (Pulverised) listen
Total Hate Lifecrusher (Eisenwald) listen
Voivod post societyTsjuder Demonic Possession reissue (Season Of Mist) listen
Twins Crew Veni Vidi Vici (Beyond The Storm) listen
The Unguided Lust And Loathing (Napalm) listen
Uzala Live At Roadburn 2015 (Roadburn) listen
Voivod Post Society EP (Century Media) listen
Wake Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow (Sentient Ruin) listen

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