Escape the Fate Live Out Every Music Fan’s Fantasy in New Video by Beating Themselves Up


Escape the Fate is like a reduction of emo-core. You take the genre and boil away any nuance or originality until it’s just a cup full of candy-coated production, predictable lyrics about overcoming weakness, and emotional hair, and you’ve got this band.

Their latest video for “Remember Every Scar” is a great example of just how ridiculous they are. Set in an interrogation room, it shows the Faters getting yelled at by a cop, who then calls the band members’ suit-clad doppelgängers to come in to beat on themselves (see? It’s a metaphor or something!). It’s hilarious because much like Jungle Rot claiming to defy to government, it’s such a silly self-aggrandizing fantasy. These guys wouldn’t get brought into an interrogation room by anyone other than the fashion police.

Watch “Remember Every Scar” and dream about you being the one with the gloves on. If you feel like hurting yourself, Escape the Fate’s latest, Hate Me, is out now.

[via The PRP]

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