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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: October 30, 2015


Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to the new Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up!


Birds In RowBirds In Row
Personal War EP (Deathwish Inc.)
On a playlist with: Converge, Minús, Deftones
Listen Personal War full stream (here)

One of the goals of Shit That Comes Out Today is to express the amount of interest you should have in six select releases. It’s not to describe the music, but to thumbnail its significance to us and you. After all, it’s probably not helpful for you to, say, read the ingredients label on a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You would be better served by access to a couple flakes and a tip that it’s an after-dinner cereal, for example. Nor do you want to hear a list of other sweet foods with cinnamon in them; you better value the knowledge that CTC fits any mood (unlike niche cereals like Grape Nuts).


All Them WitchesAll Them Witches
Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (New West)
On a playlist with: Earth, The Mars Volta, Darker My Love’s 2
Listen Dying Surfer Meets His Maker full stream (here)

Loving the new album by All Them Witches is like kissing a female MMA fighter: It’s awesome, but it might be a prelude to you kissing a man. Likewise, during Dying Surfer‘s first seconds, you may be rocked by the possibility that it’s a gateway to sad bearded guy music. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Anyway, you love it. Crank it up!!


Nyx HomeNyx
Home (Agonia)
On a playlist with: Myrkur, Enslaved, Paradise Lost
Listen Home full stream (here)

Extreme metal, in some ways, turns away a lot of willing customers. For example: a dude in the mood for melodic vocals. In such a mood, dude must turn away from extreme shit and listen to awesome but probably less heavy music. What dude wants is metal that’s heavy as madness and singable as Cave In. (Not to be confused with “heavy as madness then singable as Cave In” like Soilwork). But Myrkur, Babymetal, and now Nyx are hacking at this deficiency in music’s most captivating movement. Let’s hope they each get heavier and hookier. The Pretenders meets Behemoth please.


Sunder (Tee Pee)
On a playlist with: Comet Control, Greenleaf, Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus
Listen “Cursed Wolf” (here) “Daughters Of The Snow” (here) “Don’t Leave It Behind” (here)

I anticipate a conversation any day now with my tiny cousin about psychedelic heavy rock like Sunder. It’ll come about the usual way: She’ll stand at my knees all poised to speak, hand in her hair. Prompted, she’ll point to the speakers that are blaring a Sunder jam and ask, “Is this stoner metal?” I’d say, “Oh peanut, you’re on the right track. But this is closer to ‘acid metal.’” With that, I’d explain that “stoner metal” is probably heavier than Sunder, more likely to focus a listener until he or she is lost in a thought. Then we’d contrast how Sunder and their ilk, meanwhile, set you up to be beset by a million thoughts at once, by a spectrum of sensations. Then we’d have some fruit snacks.


AbigailWilliams_TheAccuser_CDL535CD-1024x1024Abigail Williams
The Accuser (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: Lord Mantis, Nachtmystium, Cobalt
Listen The Accuser full stream (here)

It’s funny: Each “style” of metal that you don’t like seems to spawn innumerable bands. Every week, it seems, a few new ones pop up, all samey, clueless, and totally not your vibe. But in the “scene” that you’re super into, it seems like each band is a fascinating and distinct flower. Different fragrances, characters. The wait between releases is interminable. It’s never enough.


Grave RitualGrave Ritual
Morbid Throne (Dark Descent)
On a playlist with: Beyond, Lantern, Venefixion
Listen Morbid Throne full stream (here)

If you’re reading this capsule about Grave Ritual’s new album, then it’s likely that you overlooked a bit of info above: Morbid Throne arrives via Dark Descent Records. Or maybe you don’t know the significance of that info, that Dark Descent releases are at least great nearly always. Dependable as a bank and twice as fascinating. Good news is that now you know so reach for your volume control with one hand and click play with the other.



Abhorrent Deformity Entity Of Malevolence (Comatose) listen
Abominable Putridity The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin reissue (Unique Leader) listen
Alien Syndrome 777 Outer (Avantgarde) listen
Amaranthe Breaking Point: B-Sides 2011-2015 (Spinefarm) listen
Ambush Desecrator (High Roller) listen
Anathema A Sort Of Homecoming DVD/CD (Kscope) watch watch
Arkaik Lucid Dawn (Unique Leader) listen listen
Avatarium The Girl With The Raven Mask (Metalville) listen
cryptopsy bookofsuffering1Bastard Grave What Lies Beyond (Pulverised) listen
Battalion Of Saints “Battalion Of Saints” 7″ (Southern Lord) listen
Be The Wolf Imago (Scarlet) listen
Black Yo)))ga Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1 (Screaming Crow) listen
Cage Ancient Evil (SMG) listen
Caligula’s Horse Bloom (Inside Out) listen
Certo Porcos (Odio)666 (Greyhaze) listen
gama bombCold Northern Vengeance Maelstrom (Moribund) listen
Continents Reprisal (Victory) listen listen
Created To Kill Death’s Construction (HPGD) listen
Crown The Empire The Resistance: Deluxe Edition (Rise) listen
Cryptopsy The Book Of Suffering Tome 1 EP listen listen
Deadheads Loaded (High Roller) listen
Def Leppard Def Leppard (Mailboat) listen listen
Sovran (Napalm) listen
Artwork by Brian SmithDriftoff Modern Fear EP (Science Of Silence) listen
Edhochuli Dream Warriors (A-F) listen
Erimha Thesis Ov Warfare (Victory) listen
Escape The Fate Hate Me (Eleven Seven) listen
Gama Bomb Untouchable Glory (AFM) listen listen
Get Scared Demons (Fearless) listen listen
Goodbye To Gravity Mantras Of War (Universal Romania) listen listen
IntegrityThe Great Tyrant The Trouble With Being Born reissue (Relapse) listen
Hatchet Fear Beyond Lunacy (The End) listen
The Hell Brutopia (Prosthetic) listen
Hemelbestormer Portals (Sick Man Getting Sick) listen
Hooded Menace Darkness Drips Forth (Relapse) listen
Hornwood Fell Yheri (Avantgarde) listen
Horrendous Anareta (Dark Descent) listen
Insvrgence Every Living Creature Dies Alone (Innerstrength) listen
saviourspalaceIntegrity Den Of Iniquity collection reissue (Magic Bullet) listen
Integrity Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary (Magic Bullet) listen
Kerion CloudRiders Part 2: Technowars (Beyond The Storm) listen
Lunar Mantra Genesis (Invictus) listen
Matriarchs Scandalous Jointz (Eulogy) listen
Millennial Reign Carry The Fire (Ulterium) listen
Myka Relocate The Young Souls (Artery) listen
Sun WorshipOpeth Deliverance & Damnation reissue (Music For Nations) listen
Pinkish Black Bottom Of The Morning (Relapse) listen
Poison Tongues For Freedom’s Sake EP (Fast Break) listen
Puscifer Money Shot (Puscifer) listen
Ram Svbversvm (Metal Blade) listen
Ravendark’s Monarchal Canticle Sobre as Cinzas do Fracasso Alheio (Hammer Of Damnation) listen
Repulsive Aggression Preachers Of Death (Schwarzdorn) listen
ThroneRitual Ritual (Bullet Tooth) listen
Sacrificium Carmen Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa (Saturnal) listen
Satanika Total Inferno (Osmose) listen
Satan’s Satyrs Don’t Deliver Us (Bad Omen) listen listen listen
Saviours Palace Of Vision (Listenable) listen
Selvans Lupercalia (Avantgarde) listen
Skindred Volume (Napalm) listen listen listen
Under The CHurchSofy Major Waste (Solar Flare) listen
Sun Worship Elder Giants (2014) (Translation Loss) listen
Teramaze Her Halo (Music Theories) listen
Throne The Full Moon Sessions (Vic) listen
Tundra The Burning Fanaticism (Avantgarde) listen
Twitching Tongues Disharmony (Metal Blade) listen
Under The Church Rabid Armageddon (Pulverised) listen
visceral throneVehemence (France)
Assiege reissue (De Tenebrarum Principio) listen
Visceral Throne Those Who Have Fallen Beyond The Grace Of God EP (Comatose) listen
Visionary666 Into Abeyance (Vic) listen
Waken Eyes Exodus (Ulterium) listen
Whitechapel The Brotherhood Of The Blade DVD/CD (Metal Blade) watch
Wilt Moving Monoliths (Bindrune) listen

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