There’s Going to be a Metal Beer Festival in Pittsburgh


As some of our readers might be aware, I enjoy a good drink or two, and I especially enjoy it when booze and metal are brought together in unholy matrimony. Sadly, there is no event that focuses entirely on the combination of booze and heavy metal…

Until now! The folks behind Spoonwood Brewing Company and Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery have launched a Kickstarter to help organize the Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Festival, a beer fest/music fest that will have four of Pittsburgh’s best underground metal bands and four of their best craft breweries collaborating to bring you a killer day of suds and juds.

The collaborations are:

Headlining the event? Detroit’s own Child Bite. Yeah, this should be fucking killer.

To purchase your tickets, give to the event’s Kickstarter here. Meanwhile, if you’re a Pittsburgh band and want to play the festival, you can submit your band here.

So this fest does seem kind of small right now — so what? The potential here is enormous. Beer and metal collaborations are only getting more and more awesome, what with breweries like 3 Floyds, Trve Brewing, Black Sky Brewing, and The Heavy Metal Brewery bringing beer and the music that’s best listened to while drinking it together at last.

So give what you can, and let’s get this thing off the ground, and hopefully it’ll blow up, and we’ll someday laugh about it while utterly shitfaced.

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