SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY: Born of Osiris Guitarist Challenges Acacia Strain Vocalist to Publicity Stunt of the Century!


UPDATE 1:08pm EST: A member of The Acacia Strain has contacted MetalSucks telling us that Born of Osiris guitarist Lee Patrick McKinney’s Twitter outburst wasn’t a tour announcement, did not reference any pre-existing beef, and if it’s a joke they’re not in on it. Read more about it here.

Original post:

Death metal fans: ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? Not really? ARE YOU READ FOR A BORN OF OSIRIS/ACACIA STRAIN TOUR? Good, because this suggests that’s going to happen!

The fake throwdown of the century has been announced, and it’s time for that vegan beef to be squashed — IN THE RING, BUT NOT REALLY!

Born of Osiris guitarist Lee Patrick McKinney has announced his desire to take on Acacia Strain vocalist Vincent Bennett in one-on-one hand-to-hand publicity stunt! The BoO axman took to Twitter and made the following incendiary statement:


To which Bennett fired back with his own explosive counter-statement:


Not to be laughed at, McKinney stoked the fires of nontroversy with even more vicious verbal razors:





DAMN! McKinney pulls none of the punches that he apparently learned in an MMA class, which makes him as much of a man as Martin Shkreli!

With that, MetalSucks would like to announce our endorsement of this And Kaufman-esque pissing match and invite YOU to the big event! We’re going to put these two scene titans in a Thunderdome together, strap laptops to their hands, and find out who is the ULTIMATE KEYBOARD WARRIOR! No men will enter… and only none will leave!

Listen to some new Acacia Strain here and McKinney’s appearance on the MetalSucks podcast here to jack yourself up for this massive free-for-none! The fight will take place at the Sunoco gas station in Dayton, OH, with drinks provided by Beer Water.

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