Mastodon Emperor of Sand Vinyl Doubles as a Coloring Book


As Metal Insider notes, “Adult coloring books are all the rage” right now, probably because this century’s first generation of adults (myself included) are regressing to such a degree you’d think we were all afflicted with Benjamin Button Syndrome.

Consequently, Mastodon are offering a “Bonus Color-In Your Own Vinyl Jacket” and “Exclusive Box of Mastodon Colored Pencils” with vinyl pre-orders of their new album, Emperor of Sand. No, really. Look, here’s a video pretending it’s for kids, y’know, ’cause Mastodon are really big with the Wiggles set:

So that’s an interesting idea. Still, I can’t help but think it would be much more amusing if it were a really graphic cover for a death metal album, like some classic Vince Locke art, for example:


See, now THAT’s a heavy metal coloring book.

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