Video: Every Time I Die Guitarist Goes for the Longest Crowd-Surf EVER


If I were in a popular metal band, I think I’d have the following concerns about going for a crowd-surf during my set, in order: 1) What if they drop me? 2) What if my guitar gets fucked up? 3) What if someone gropes my ass/junk? 4) What if I can’t get back to the stage in time for the next song?

Fortunately none of these problems befell Every Time I Die guitarist Jordan Buckley (insofar as we know: #3 remains a mystery), who crowd-surfed his way from the stage to the very back of the venue last night in El Paso, TX.

Check out video of the event below, which starts with Buckley already atop the audience’s arms and ends as the between-band house music fades in. ETID are currently on tour with Taking Back Sunday; dates here.

[via Loudwire]


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