WSOU Picks of the Week: Gwar, Kublai Khan, Trivium


Seton Hall University’s WSOU radio is the only all-metal, all-the-time station currently broadcasting in the US, and as been a force in metal for DECADES. It’s also streamable online from anywhere in the world! Each week, the staff of WSOU shares their picks for the heaviest of the heavy, as well as the station’s charts for that week, right here on MetalSucks. Enjoy:

Gwar – “Fuck This Place” (Dylan G.)

I really wish I could describe this song as Gwar’s way of giving the human race a wake-up call: that we’re making the world crappy and we should all stop, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But that’s not how Gwar roll: the song is just a bunch of complaining for four minutes. It’s very relatable complaining, though.

Kublai Khan – “The Hammer” (Parker J.)

I like my riffs like I like my women – chunky. With heavy breakdowns to back it up, Kublai Khan’s “The Hammer” is full of aggression. Angering like life’s minor inconveniences, it really taps into that deep primordial rage like getting charged ten cents for an extra sauce packet at a fast-food joint.

Trivium – “The Sin And The Sentence” (Aubrey L.)

While many fans didn’t follow with the band’s evolving direction, Trivium’s latest album may challenge those expectations by bridging the gap to earlier albums such as The Crusade. With tracks like their new album’s self titled “The Sin And The Sentence,” veteran Trivium fans might come to recognize the familiarity of the band’s well-composed guitar riffs and overall polished sound. Trivium not only reestablish themselves on this album but they deliver a highly anticipated resurgence from their original work, with Heafy’s heavy and gritty screaming vocals providing a rough-around-the-edges feel. This track allows fans to revisit and re-acquaint themselves with old Trivium while being able to appreciate their new deviation as well.

WSOU Radio Charts, August 28, 2017

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