Video: Corey Taylor Stops Stone Sour Set Mid-Song for Injured Fan


Back in the day, people got the bloody shit kicked out of them in mosh pits and no one, certainly not the bands or venue staff, gave one living fuck.

I do not miss those days, although I’m sure some cranky old assholes who complain about today’s “PC culture” are stangry about how kids these days are “a bunch of pussies.” Fuck that attitude.

So: it’s refreshing to see more and more bands getting involved with the safety of their fans when they spot an issue. Corey Taylor became the latest to do so last night in Sydney when he stopped Stone Sour’s set mid-song and directed venue staff to attend to an injured fan, who another attendee described as being “knocked out.”

At 3:20 in the below clip, during “Gone Sovereign” in the band’s encore, Taylor can be heard saying “Hold on, hold on. Stop,” to the rest of the band. After a pause of about thirty seconds, Taylor directs the crowd to back up and make way “so professionals can get in there.” The entire show stoppage lasted for over two minutes, with Taylor repeatedly asking the crowd if everyone else in the area of the injured fan was OK and instructing venue staff to give him an update on the condition of the fan as soon as possible. The band then kicked into “Absolute Zero” and closed out their set without incident.

Thank you, Corey, for looking out for your fans! And to the fan: we sure hope you’re doing alright! Hang in there.

You can watch the full clip below (the set stops at 3:20), as well as a shorter video from up close.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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