Attila Celebrate Halloween with New Song “Three 6”


Speaking of total drek: Attila have released a new song, “Three 6,” which I’m assuming is an ode to the Oscar-winning hip-hop quartet. In addition to being hot garbage, the song’s lyrics make about as much sense as hiring a squirrel to teach AP math. After shouting “If you’re down with the devil, says ‘hell yeah’!” a bunch of time, frontman Fozzie Bear raps the following:

Don’t forget the reason we’re all here
To live our best life
Don’t judge me based on your collusion
It’s just a god damn lie
When will you see through the bullshit
Opinions = SHIT
Let me see your three 6

I don’t what the fuck any of that has to do with Satan, but I do applaud Fozzie rhyming “shit” with “shit.” Such ingenuity! Makes me wonder if he designed the profile and banner pics for the Facebook page of Frankie Palmeri’s new record label.

Listen to the track below if you want to make sure that your drunken antics tonight are not the most degrading thing you do this week. In the event that terrorists take a loved one hostage and won’t set that loved one free unless you spend one dollar, the song will be available for purchase on November 10. Mercifully, it does not appear to forebode a new album.

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