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Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri, Arbiter of Good Taste, Has His Own Label Now


As the single greatest musician of his time, Frankie Palmeri is certainly qualified to know talent when he sees it. So it makes sense that the Emmure frontman has now launched his own label, Redzone Records. Not that you’d expect any less from Palmeri, but the label is already hella impressive: from the moment you lay eyes on the label’s Facebook page, you know that Palmeri is bringing his boundless creativity to this endeavor.


Now there is a dude who understands branding. I wonder if he’s taken a page from Gene Simmons’ book and tried to copyright the color red yet?

ANYHOO, Redzone’s first sign is a Houston, Texas area band called Sentenced to Burn. Their first single, “Sentenced to Burn,” is nothing special… but it is wwwwaaaayyyy better than Emmure, so that’s something!

Sentenced to Burn’s Redzone debut is an EP called The Seven Layers of Flesh, and will be out sometime in January. Presumably sometime after that, all other metal labels will pack it up and just let Palmeri run the industry for the rest of his days.

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