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Apostrophe-Challenged Harms Way Release Ripping New Single “Human Carrying Capacity”


Harms Way - Posthuman

With Harms Way having moved up from Deathwish to the big leagues at Metal Blade, it’s remarkable that not one person along the entire chain of command thought to nudge the band about the grammar-defying lack of apostrophe in their name. When you are in the way of harm, you are in HARM’S WAY — the way belonging to harm, possessive! IT NEEDS A FUCKING APOSTROPHE GODDAMMIT! I don’t care if they named their band after a street sign (which I think I read at some point in the past); the fucking sign is wrong! Your damn band’s name makes no sense! It is the ONLY thing I can think about when I see the name, kinda like if I see the Papyrus font used on a sign or menu… yeah, I just can’t take you seriously, sorry.

Interestingly, the band’s name is typeset correctly in the press release Metal Blade sent us… but not on their album cover, Haulix promo (in text!) or YouTube embed. Hmmmmmmmm.

Anyhoo, Harms Way (even typing that literally makes my stomach turn) were at a huge disadvantage when their new single “Human Carrying Capacity” landed on my ears… so the fact that I dig it a whole lot should indicate just how REALLY FUCKING GOOD it is. The band has brought a bit more metal into their overall attack this time around, and while their hardcore roots are still audibly present their new and improved sound not only hits harder, but sounds more refined and mature. Black Breath took a similar tack on their last album with great success, and indeed, these two bands are sonic twinsies. Helping matters is the devastatingly massive production of Will Putney, who steps outside of his usual line of work here (hyper-polished death metal) to deliver a recording that sounds startlingly raw and endearingly real.

Check out “Human Carrying Capacity” below. New album Posthuman comes out on February 9th, 2018 and can be pre-ordered here.

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