Ghost Tease Live Album; Cover Art Revealed?

We already knew that Ghost are prepping a new release called Ceremony and Devotion; now, a new video posted by the band on Facebook strongly suggests that said release won’t be a new album, but, rather, a live album:

Meanwhile, Metal Injection reports that the below artwork, taken from Pandora, has been “floating around,” although no one from the Ghost camp has confirmed that it’s real yet (although, gotta say, it certainly looks pretty real):

I’m gonna voice what I imagine will be an unpopular opinion here and assert that Ghost absolutely do NOT need a live album. Not that they aren’t a ton of fun live — they are! — but they sound almost exactly the same in concert as they do on studio releases. So I’m not sure what a live album brings to the Ghost fan table, so to speak. I guess a DVD could pretty cool, though, if you wanna re-live that shit from the comfort of your home.

There’s a rumored January 18 release date for whatever Ceremony and Devotion is. Whether that’s accurate or not, we should know more soon.

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